Want to make sure you stay on track and need just a little more guidance!!!  I now offer  monthly plans!

You have unlimited access to me with any questions you have.

Also submit your weekly check ins with me to be sure your on track! 

This will include the nutritional part of your plan as well as your training!

I will make the correct adjustments as needed with your progress!

FULL CONTEST PREP - $200 a month

With this package you will receive a full consultation to help you better understand the fundamentals of a healthy diet. Information that will probably blow your mind. I will review your current eating habits, go over any restriction and medical history that you may have as well. Upon discussing your personal goals i will then personalize a diet strictly for you. Including caloric intake, amounts of protein, carbs, veggies and fat you need in a day. This diet will be based on your lifestyle, training routine and any restrictions or allergies you may have.

Not sure your on the right track or training the right way? Or are your workouts getting boring and your loosing motivation?  I will format a personalized week training program just for you! I will review your exercise history, current training routine, and any restrictions you may have.

This customized training program will be based on your schedule and how many days you are going to workout. It will include specific exercises, rest, sets and reps to complete. Along with a cardio program depending on personal goals.


With years of experience and competitions under my belt, I can help you meet your fitness goals.  No two clients are the same, and each program is designed to fit your lifestyle and your individual goals. Weather you want to better yourself in a sport, compete,  shed a few pounds or just restructure your current program, I am here to help.  I will be there to keep you motivated and dedicated to reach those goals and to not quit until you do!  I know what it takes to get to that level of accomplishments, if you have that determination and drive to move forward contact me today!


 This Program will Include the Follwoing:

  • Photo review before the program and throughout the prep
  • Diet and Nutrition -  Monthly and weekly phases
  • Training Routines - Rep ranges, intesity levels and cardio
  • Supplement Advice
  • Posing mandatories and routine review
  • Week out preperation
  • Recomendation for Suits, Shoes, Tanning, Jewlery, Hair and Makeup, etc.....
  • Show Day Check List

Please make sure to give yourself a reasonable amount of time for a prep.

For First time competitors i recommend a full 16 week prep. Other clients may only need the 12 weeks.

Also please let me know the date of the show and what show you are competing in.

ONE TIME -  Personalized Week Training Program - $100

ONE TIME -  Personalized Nutrition Plan - $100

You got a Goal - Need Guidance - I am here to help!


-There is always room for improvments-

I specialize in the following:

* Contest Prep

* Over weight Children (Exercise and Dietary needs)

* Over weight Adults

* Personal - Individual Goals

* Post Surgery Recovery

* Sports Performance

* Nutrition Consultant

* Building Self Confidence and Self Esteem

* Changing Lives