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Best Magazine - United Kingdom -2014

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Butler Eagle

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I want to personally thank my friends, family, fans and last but not least my trainer and coach/boyfriend through all the hard years of this amazing journey.  I have met so many fantastic people in the sport and couldn't be more thankful. The support from everyone gives me the energy, drive and motivation to keep moving forward to my goals and dreams everyday! I've learned in life you only live once, and you will  need to accomplish every goal and dream while you can! Ive learned to not live with regrets or with negative thoughts, life moves to quick to waste time on less important things. Everyone has different goals, different dreams, different interest. I found mine in bodybuilding, and I will continue to help motivate and guide others to stay focused and reach their finishline!!  Sucess is what you make it, how bad you want it and how far you willing to go!


Butler Eagle Editorial - 2015

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PEOPLES Magazine - South Africa - 2014


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